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How Do I Get Cigarette Smoke Smell Out of Clothes Well, whenever you have smoke smell in your clothes, the first thing you want to do is wash your clothes and using hot water will be more effective than using cold water. After you have finished washing your clothes, put them into the dryer if the care label tells you that you are allowed to put them into the dryer. Here's a great trick to help those clothes smell super. Take a cloth or a rag and put some essential oils onto the rag. There are lots of different types of essential oils. There is cinnamon, grapefruit, tea tree oil, lemon, rosewood. You just need a few drops. Put them onto the cloth and take that cloth and toss it into the dryer and your clothes will smell much better. But if you still find that your fabrics are smelling like cigarette smoke, here's what you can do next. Take a bag, open it up and fill it with crumpled up newspaper. The ink in newspaper is great at absorbing odors. After that, put your clothes inside. Close up the bag and leave it for about a week or just a few days. You can check it periodically to see if the smell is gone and wash your clothes once again. If the smell is really powerful, here is another trick, it's called coffee in a sock. Take a sock and put it inside of a cup. Fill the sock with about a quarter cup of coffee, close the sock with an elastic band and put it inside of the bag with the newspaper and the clothes. Coffee is another great odor absorber. So once you've left it for a few days, take it out, see if it smells, re wash it and your clothes should smell great.

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